here’s my new old blackthorn stick.  I did roving pedlar twice at this weekend’s feiseanna so this is officially my old set.  That being said,  please respect my teacher’s choreography (since about 98% of it is hers and I kind of feel bad about posting it)  and do not copy these steps and do not post to instagram without my permission. This is my old set which I did at NANs. The timing’s a bit off here (I hate dancing to the app but I forgot my music) and I know my arms are always horrible. But I still love this set, Elaine Kavanagh is basically a genius.

and if you thought you heard a baby crying you’re not crazy


Thank.You.SO MUCH. :)






someone please tell me why I am watching a documentary about an irish dance competition

listen kids with those wigs and costumes you could go straight to eurovision and win


this gets reblogged by irish dance blogs I’m so done

Haha cause we love people outside of the community that recognize the hard work and dedication! So thank you for that :)

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